Added Subject to EmailMessageContent

By popular request, you can now see the subject of each email you sent out.


Added Email Signup and SMS Signup AT Query String docs

Added documentation for ActionTag Email Signup and SMS Signup query strings


Migrating documentation to

Starting April 5, API changes or updates will be reflected in our new documentation on


Added several new ActionTag pronoun query string options

Added the following ActionTag pronoun query string options:
17-Name Only
19-Any/All Pronouns


Removed "Hebrew" as ActionTag ethnicity query string option

Removed "Hebrew" as ActionTag ethnicity query string option


Added confirmation argument to ActionTag preSegue callback

Added a confirmation argument to the ActionTag preSegue callback containing properties relevant to a form's post-submission behavior.


Added Apply Jobs Bulk Import Mapping Type and Union Organizing APIs

This release added the Apply Jobs mapping type to the Bulk Import API, as well APIs for the following entities related to union organizing: Employers, Departments, Worksites, Job Classes, Bargaining Units, Schedule Types, Shift Types, and Member Statuses.


Added Documentation for Changed Entity Export and skipMatching Property in People

This release added Contacts Custom Fields and Contributions Custom Fields to the Changed Entity Export API and an optional skipMatching property to canvass context in the /people/{vanId}/canvassResponses method.

deprecated API mirror deprecation, 5/31/2021

The application we host that converts OSDI-formatted API requests to standard REST API requests is out of support. It has not been recommended for new developers since 2019 and the codebase ceased being maintained in mid 2020. As such, will be deprecated on 5/31/2021.


Added a Parameter to GET events for CreatedbyCommitteeID

This release added a Parameter to the GET events method for CreatedbyCommitteeID.