Limitations and Warnings

Development Limitations


Please note that development of middleware or “connectors” designed to move mission critical data between a CRM product and other systems are highly discouraged.

Historically, these have posed an unacceptably high risk for our clients due to the permissions required for the product to function.

The exclusion to this tends to be analytics dashboards that are pulling aggregate data and not individual contact records/PII. Our strong recommendation is to work directly with third parties and/or clients to support direct integrations for ease of use, clear communication, and data security.

Given the number of confounding factors involved EveryAction does not have the ability to troubleshoot middleware solutions, either for our client or the application developer. Additionally, any middleware solution must meet Tier 4 security requirements and make it clear to clients who choose to use it that this product is unsupported middleware, and that performance and reliability is the sole responsibility of the application developer.

This is not to say that we explicitly ban all forms of middleware (Zapier has been integrated into EveryAction and our team works closely with a number of solutions for analytics products, such as Qlik/Attunity, Civis, and Frakture) but we highly discourage development and use of unsupported middleware solutions; especially those that are not already serving an enterprise grade commercial market.


API keys issued for specific integration types may only be used for those types. Any integrators found to be misusing API keys from one integration to facilitate another, may have those keys revoked without notice.

When an API key is revoked, the original integration will temporarily cease to function until a new key is issued.

Billing and Usage

There is no cost to use supported API endpoints for existing clients. However, we reserve the right bill for non-standard usage and custom development.

EveryAction monitors API usage to ensure compliance with our AUPs, including to prevent excessive traffic during peak times. Please exercise good judgment in the development of your code and reach out to us if you have any questions about efficient use of our APIs. Please see Throttling guidelines for additional information on best practices.


For more resource intensive endpoints like /people/findOrCreate we ask that you throttle to 2 calls per second but 'simpler' data ingestion like Canvas Responses are generally fine up to 10/sec. A more detailed overview of throttling best practices can be found here. Please don't hesitate to reach out for guidance on your specific use case!

Should usage appear to significantly exceed that norm on a regular basis, we may contact you to investigate and resolve the matter. In the event of excessive usage outside of normal patterns we may disable keys temporarily or permanently but will make a good faith effort to contact you and any impacted clients prior to taking action.