A Bulk Import Job allows the user to create bulk imports of various resource types such as Contacts, Contributions, or Activist Codes. For a complete list, see the resources endpoint.

API users first create a job with a POST /bulkImportJobs request containing the job parameters, and then make additional requests to GET /bulkImportJobs/{jobId} for the status and content of the job.



  • An individual user with access to a data set will have their own permissions and data upload requirements. You may have specific prerequisites for certain mapping fields, preventing you from creating or modifying some fields unless you’ve also included mapping for their prerequisite fields. These will be displayed in your informational endpoints, and if you attempt to upload without prerequisites, the error messages from the import job will give you information about the missing requirements.

  • You can only upload to Disclosure Fields for either Organizations or Individuals at a time when applying Contributions. If you have both, they will need to be imported as two separate bulk import files.

  • The availability of bulk import mapping types varies by database mode. Certain mapping types are only available when authenticating to My Campaign. Product package feature sets may also vary among clients, which impacts mapping type availability.

Currently supported mapping types include the following. Please contact [email protected] to discuss your use case and request appropriate permissions.

  • Apply Activist Code
  • Apply Canvass Responses
  • Apply Contribution Adjustments
  • Apply Contributions
  • Apply Custom Address
  • Apply Custom Contact Fields
  • Apply Email Address
  • Apply External ID
  • Apply Jobs
  • Apply Mailing Address
  • Apply Names and Salutations
  • Apply Organizing Turfs
  • Apply Origin Source Code
  • Apply Phone Numbers
  • Apply Recurring Commitments
  • Apply Relationships
  • Apply Suppressions
  • Apply Work Address
  • Create Or Update Activist Codes
  • Create Or Update Contact
  • Edit Contribution Data