Common Models

The following is an example of a completed Changed Entity Export Job:

  "exportJobId": 12345,
  "jobStatus": "Complete",
  "dateChangedFrom": "2019-01-01T01:02:03+04:00",
  "dateChangedTo": "2019-01-01T07:03:09+04:00",
  "files": [
      "downloadUrl": "",
      "dateExpired": "2019-01-31T15:05:54.2106809-04:00"
  "message": "Finished processing export job",
  "code": null,
  "exportedRecordCount": 10500,
  "excludeChangesFromSelf": "true",
  "contactMode": 1,
exportJobIdlongUnique identifier for a Changed Entity Export Job
jobStatusstringPending, InProcess, Error, Complete
dateChangedFromdateUser-specified timestamp in the format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.00Z or YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.00 -hh:mm. Must be in the last 90 days.
dateChangedTodateUser-specified timestamp in same format as dateChangedFrom. Server-generated if not provided.
filesarrayCollection of file objects in the format [ { downloadUrl, dateExpired } ]
messagestringAdditional information about the job status
codestringnull if there is no error, otherwise a reference code for debugging
exportedRecordCountintThe number of records contained across all export files
excludeChangesFromSelfboolIf true, records updated in EveryAction by requesting API user will not be exported. This option could be used to prevent “circular updates” in bidirectional integrations where the same API key is used for both pulling changes and applying changes
contactModeintDefines contact type returned (Person - 1, Organization - 2, PersonOrOrganization - 3). If this parameter is not passed, PersonOrOrganization will be assumed.
includeInactiveboolReturns suppressed records (where available).