Notes are incredibly useful for providing full text annotations to entities in VAN. Notes can be applied to People, Events, Locations, and Organizations.

Some EA8 users have an additional feature of Notes enabled called “Note Categories.” This feature allows users to categorize individual Notes. Further, each Note Category can be applicable to Notes of different entity types, or Note Category Types.

For example, you may have a Note Category called Venue Details. Notes in this Note Category may provide textual directions to a Location (e.g., “First house on the right”) or reminders for Events hosts (e.g., “Remember to turn off the lights”).

Which Note Category Types are available in your VAN context may vary. If you’d like the feature enabled, reach out to your VAN Administrator.

Use this endpoint to retrieve meta data about Note Categories and Note Category Types. Notes are applied using each supported entity’s endpoint. Use the VAN UI to create or edit Note Categories.