Updates or cancels an existing recurring commitment


Accepts an ID of a standard, existing Commitment object, with any of the non-read-only properties set.

You can currently:

  1. Cancel a commitment
  2. Update the next transaction date
  3. Update the commitment amount
  4. Update the commitment end date

Please note that you cannot update a commitment you are attempting to cancel. The cancellation will be processed first, and any other changes will be ignored.

If a commitment is currently in a Failing status, the next payment date and status are not editable. When the amount of a commitment is changed while it is in a Failing status, the new amount will be used for the next installment processing attempt, regardless of whether the next scheduled attempt is an upcoming installment contribution or an automatic retry of a prior installment which failed to process. Commitments that reach their end date while failing will have a final status of Completed rather than Failed.

The next transaction date may be changed for all commitment frequencies that do not charge on a set schedule, i.e. all but Quarterly and Twice Monthly. To change the next transaction date for a recurring commitment, the new date:

  • Must be at least one day in the future
  • Must be less than one year in the future
  • Must be before the end date of the commitment

A new amount must be between $0.01 and $999,999.99

PATCH /commitments/543456
  "status": "InactiveCancelled"


PATCH /commitments/543456
  "nextTransactionDate": "2020-11-04",
  "amount": "35.00"
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