Use this endpoint to update a recurring commitment. You can currently:

  1. Cancel a commitment
  2. Update the next transaction date
  3. Update the commitment amount

Please note that you cannot update a commitment you are attempting to cancel. The cancellation will be processed first, and any other changes will be ignored.


Accepts an ID of a standard, existing Commitment object, with any of the non-read-only properties set.

To change the next transaction date for a recurring commitment, the new date:

  • Must be at least one day in the future
  • Must be less than one year in the future
  • Must be before the end date of the commitment

A new amount must be between $0.01 and $999,999.99

PATCH /commitments/543456
  "status": "InactiveCancelled"


PATCH /commitments/543456
  "nextTransactionDate": "2020-11-04",
  "amount": "35.00"
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