data-form-url (required)

It is used to specify the url from which the form definition is retrieved. Only required if data-id is not used, or if presenting an advocacy related form, which requires getting the form definition from a different endpoint. Example, to load a form from a url:

<div class="ngp-form" data-form-url=""></div>

For advocacy related forms, you have to request the form definition through our advocacy service, which we creatively call advocator. This URL is constructed using the following pattern:

  • Advocacy form proxy url, e.g.
  • The URL encoded database API endpoint, meaning take the endpoint and represent it like this:
  • the form ID, e.g. ntieGYzrK0meNMqRibRbAw2
  • and finally the string ngpForm at the end

Complete example for an advocacy related form, where we grab the form definition from the advocacy endpoint, with the rest of the form ID URL encoded after:

<div class="ngp-form" data-form-url=""></div>