Common Models

The following is an overview of the Commitment object and its related objects. In some cases, the related object has a dedicated endpoint. In these cases, a link to those endpoints is provided.


commitmentIdintRead-only; Unique identifier for a Recurring Commitment in this context
startDatedatetimeRead-only; Date the Recurring Commitment started
endDatedatetimeRead-only; Date the Recurring Commitment ended
statusstringThe commitment status of the current Recurring Commitment
amountdecimalMonetary amount of each Recurring Commitment
currencyintRead-only; The currency that is being used for the Recurring Commitment
frequencystringRead-only; The Frequency of each recurring commitment
nextTransactionDatedatetimeDate on which the next Recurring Commitment will be processed
paymentTypestringRead-only; PaymentType in which the funds will be contributed
creditCardLast4intRead-only; Last 4 digits of the credit card used for the commitment
ccExpirationYearintRead-only; Year that the credit card expires
ccExpirationMonthintRead-only; Month that the credit card expires
designationIdintRead-only; The id of the designation which receives this contribution.


One of

  • Weekly
  • EveryTwoWeeks
  • EveryFourWeeks
  • Monthly
  • TwiceMonthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually
  • TwiceAnnually

Commitment Status

One of

  • Active
  • InactiveCancelled
  • Completed
  • InactiveFailed
  • Failing