An Event Signup (Signup for short) is a record of a person’s participation at an Event. A Signup corresponds to a unique combination of:

  • Person (person)
  • Event (event)
  • Shift (shift)
  • Role (role)

Additionally, a Signup has a Status (status) that indicates the person’s current participation disposition. Examples include Invited, Declined, or Scheduled. In the case of a multi-location Event, a Signup may also have a Location (location).

A person’s participation status may change. For example, a Signup may be created with a Status of Invited. If the person responds to the invitation, the status may change to Scheduled or Declined. Just before the event, an event organizer may call the person to confirm whether the person still plans to attend the event changing the status to Confirmed. After the event, an organizer may review the event’s sign-in sheet. Using that information, a person’s status may be updated to Completed or No Show. Use the Signup modification endpoint to change a Signup’s status.