Common models

The following is an example of a disbursement

    "disbursementId": 23453,
    "contact": {
        "vanId": 10005444
    "designation": {
        "designationId": 18754,
    "dateIssued": "2013-12-25T12:23:00Z",
    "amount": "12.34",
    "batchCode": "123",
    "checkDate": "2013-12-25",
    "checkNumber": "1222 123",
    "codes": [
        { "codeId": 12345 }
    "note": "Expense for the Christmas Fundraiser",
    "disclosureFieldValues": [
          "disclosureFieldId": 30000,
          "disclosureFieldValue": "30060",
          "designationId": 1121
          "disclosureFieldId": 30008,
          "disclosureFieldValue": "2018",
          "designationId": 1121

The following is an overview of the Disbursement object and its related objects. In some cases, the related object has a dedicated endpoint. In these cases, a link to those endpoints is provided.

If any of the specified ids (vanId or codeId) are not accessible in the current context (e.g., the associated api user does not have access to the person), the response will be considered invalid.


The required properties are contact, designation, dateIssued, and amount.

disbursementIdintRead-only; Unique identifier for a disbursement in this context
contactobjectThe Person who is associated to this disbursement.
designationobjectThe Designation which will receive this disbursement.
dateIssueddatetimeThe date and time of this disbursement.
amountdecimalThe amount of the disbursement. Non-positive values, and values that have more than 2 digits after the decimal point, will not be accepted.
checkDatedateThe date of the check.
checkNumberstringThe number of the check.
codesarrayAn array of zero or one Code to apply to the disbursement. Disbursements may not have more than one Code applied, and if a Code is applied, it must be a Source Code.
notestringA note describing the disbursement.
disclosureFieldValuesarrayAn array of Disclosure Field Value objects associated with the disbursement.
linkedCreditCardPaymentDisbursementIdintThe ID of the total Credit Card Payment record, if any. When disclosing a payment made to a credit card, use linkedCreditCardPaymentDisbursementId to link disbursements itemizing each purchase made to the parent Disbursement with which the bill was paid. Must be in the same Designation as the Disbursement in question. Also, the Disclosure Field named “ExpenseSubType” must have an Option ID corresponding to “Credit Card/Paycheck Item” for this Disbursement.
linkedReimbursementDisbursementIdintThe ID of the total Reimbursement Payment record, if any. When reimbursing an individual or organization for purchases made on your behalf, use linkedReimbursementDisbursementId to link disbursements itemizing each purchase to the parent Disbursement in which they are reimbursed. Must be in the same Designation as the Disbursement in question. Also, the Disclosure Field named “ExpenseSubType” must have an Option ID corresponding to “Reimbursement Item” for this Disbursement.


designationIdintThe id of the Designation which receives this disbursement.

Disclosure Field Values

disclosureFieldIdintIdentifies the disclosure field. Together, the designation id and disclosure field id provide a unique identifier of a disclosure field.
disclosureFieldValuestringThe value of the Dislosure Field
designationIdintThe unique identifier of the Designation which will receive the disbursement