Conditional redirects with preSegue

Perhaps you want to change where a donor goes after form submission in case they choose to give over a certain threshold or choose to give a recurring contribution. Using the preSegue callback you can look at the submitted values and make conditional redirects based on that information. Note, in practice you probably only want to use one of these two conditionals, but both are shown in the same example below for expediency:

var nvtag_callbacks = nvtag_callbacks || {};
nvtag_callbacks.preSegue = nvtag_callbacks.preSegue || [];
nvtag_callbacks.preSegue.push(function submitSegue(args) {
  var contribAmount = parseFloat(args.postVals.Amount);
  var isRecurring = args.postVals.IsRecurring;
  if (isRecurring) {
      window.location = "";
  if (contribAmount > 5000) {
      window.location = "";
  return args;

Obviously, you will want to adjust the threshold for high (or low) dollar conditional redirects, as well as the redirection destination in the above examples.