Retrieve a collection of available fields for a specified resourceType with metadata about each field.


Returns a collection of field entities for a specified resourceType.

fieldNamestringName of the field; corresponds to the requestedFields value in a POST /changedEntityExportJobs request
fieldTypestringType of the field; corresponds to the available fieldTypes below
maxTextboxCharactersintMaximum length of a string field
isCoreFieldbooltrue if a field will always be exported, or false if it must be specified in the requestedFields property
availableValuesarrayCollection of id/name values; available only if a field has an enumerated list of static values
bulkImportFieldsarrayCollection of objects describing the bulk import mapping type and fields necessary for importing the analagous export data

Available fieldTypes:

  • B = Boolean
  • T = Text
  • D = Date
  • N = Number
  • M = Money (Currency)

Explanation of bulkImportFields:

The Changed Entity Export and the Bulk Import API provide a way to export and import data from and to our system respectively. However, there is not always a one to one relationship between an imported field and an exported field; bulkImportFields attempts to provide information on how those two relate to each other.

MappingTypeName: Name of the bulk import mapping type.

FieldName: The bulk import field that is exportable as the CEE field.

RelationalMapping: Some exported fields can only be imported based on the settings of a different mapping type in the bulkImportJob. relationalMapping gives information about the prerequisite mappings. For example, the exported field WorkEmail would be imported using the Email mapping type, with the prerequisite of setting the EmailTypeId field to work.

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