Common Models

Some Batches endpoints share a common data model for requests; these are described below.


Optional querystring filter parameters:

excludeClosedBatchesBoolean for excluding batches that have been closed.
openedAfterDisplays only batches opened after the specified date.
openedBeforeDisplays only batches opened before the specified date.
closedAfterDisplays only batches closed after the specified date.
closedBeforeDisplays only batches closed before the specified date.



All dates are in ISO-8601 format, i.e. they should be specified as YYYY-MM-DD.

Batches Response

A collection of objects with the following properties:

batchIdThe batch ID to assign to this contribution.
batchNameThe batch name to assign to this contribution.
designationIdThe designation Id.
dateOpenedThe date the batch was opened.
currentCountTotal number of contributions in the batch.
currentAmountTotal amount
currentMemoedCountCount of memoed contributions.
currentMemoedAmountTotal amount of memoed contributions.
currentNonmemoedCountCount of non-memoed contributions.
currentNonmemoedAmountTotal amount of non-memoed contributions.
isOpenIs the batch open.

Example GET data (note that this is submitted with content-type application/json) with a successful get returns a list of contact codes. Example:

    "batchId": 1594,
    "batchName": "test",
    "designationId": 1,
    "dateOpened": "2014-03-11T04:00:00Z",
    "currentCount": 1,
    "currentAmount": 23.32,
    "currentMemoedCount": 0,
    "currentMemoedAmount": 0,
    "currentNonmemoedCount": 1,
    "currentNonmemoedAmount": 23.32,
    "isOpen": true
    "batchId": 1595,
    "batchName": "test2",
    "designationId": 1,
    "dateOpened": "2014-03-11T04:00:00Z",
    "currentCount": 4,
    "currentAmount": 93.28,
    "currentMemoedCount": 0,
    "currentMemoedAmount": 0,
    "currentNonmemoedCount": 4,
    "currentNonmemoedAmount": 93.28,
    "isOpen": true